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Whether teams of educators or students, we have engaged many in full day and half day interactive workshops. 

In these workshops, we will encourage you to think about how you’re handling situations personally and professionally; challenge you to be more aware of how you are showing up to others; help you understand how to enhance your level of success and empower you to make changes.

We utilize assessments as a means of awareness and self reflection.  It is a starting point that allows clients to create a benchmark/starting point for their personal or professional growth.  

DiSC - a personality assessment, administered online 

Energy Leadership Index - an attitudinal assessment, administered online




It's exciting to work with groups as they learn about themselves as leaders (formal and informal) through the Energy Leadership™ model.  

We have experience as keynotes, breakout session facilitators, student orientation day presenters, specialty student group presenters and more.  Some recent engagements include the Academic Advisors Association of Saskatchewan Annual Conference and the U of R Ambassador Orientation Session.

Do you want your students to be better prepared for what lies ahead of them?

Both academic and personal preparation are important for success.  The Energy Leadership™ model will support your teachings by introducing concepts that will build resiliency, adaptably and confidence for your students today and going forward.

​We provide an interactive style of learning where students are able to develop strategies to manage through existing stressors and prepare for the transition ahead.  


Group sessions and one to one coaching services for post secondary students and new grads transitioning into their "what's next".

“.....Hundreds of my students have consistently demonstrated the value and relevance of the Energy Leadership model through their written coursework, in-class discussions and anecdotal feedback and comments. Their ability to apply the Energy Leadership model to real-world, pragmatic challenges and opportunities in their personal, academic and professional lives brings significant opportunity for change and enhanced success. .....The expert facilitation and guidance provided in the curriculum complement further elevates the understanding and overall experience for my students.“

              – Trevor Maber, Professor

                 Edwards School of Business