“.....Hundreds of my students have consistently demonstrated the value and relevance of the Energy Leadership model through their written coursework, in-class discussions and anecdotal feedback and comments. Their ability to apply the Energy Leadership model to real-world, pragmatic challenges and opportunities in their personal, academic and professional lives brings significant opportunity for change and enhanced success. .....The expert facilitation and guidance provided in the curriculum complement further elevates the understanding and overall experience for my students.“

              – Trevor Maber, Professor

                 Edwards School of Business

Why engage with us?



We'll teach you about a concept that will enable you to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE how you experience your life in all areas. 

Taking time to evaluate where you are now with regard to attitude, beliefs and behaviours is critical. It allows you to recognize where you'd like to be. The gap helps you plan your way of getting there.




Leadership sessions and one to one coaching services for new grads transitioning into their "what's next", post secondary students, Faculty and Administrators.


CORINNE ALLENhttps://ca.linkedin.com/in/corallen

GLENDA BALLhttps://ca.linkedin.com/in/glendaball

Corinne and Glenda are both Certified Professional Coaches, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioners and Certified Human Resources Professionals.  Both have extensive corporate experience and an intense interest in helping students and young professionals navigate their lives in a more positive, constructive and rewarding way.  As professional facilitators and speakers, Corinne and Glenda have worked with hundreds of students as well as faculty and administrators.  

“We know in business that our two most valuable resources are time and money. We learn how to manage, measure, and manipulate money. The resource of time is something we rarely talk about, and only rarely learn how to manage. For the first time I felt like I had tools to not only manage but control my time and how to slow down the ever ticking clock.” 

Lauren Duran, Student at University of Saskatchewan

"Accelerate Your Success allowed me to sit down and reflect on how I emotionally handle situations I face in my day-to-day life. After participating in the program, I now have a better sense of how to find positive thoughts when I am faced with unfavorable circumstances. When I graduate University and move into the working world, I will use these tools to help with the learning curve I will face."

Tyler Dawson, Student at University of Saskatchewan


Meet Corinne allen and Glenda ball

If you learn and don't apply - yikes!  We'll make sure you walk away having already practiced a proven technique that allows you to change your own experience.